This years MLB rookies of the year are…..definetley going to be in a close race. Frontrunner in the A.L. is my overall favorite player Mike Trout who I believe is going to be one of the greatest  players of this decade. Now in the N.L. , which is less publicized, my vote would have to go to Padres first basemen Yonder Alonso. Looking at both leagues competition, the stats show that both of these young guns have a huge upside to improve their teams’ chances this year. Mike Trout a first year All-Star, is hitting an astonishing .333 batting average with runners on base while carrying an overall slugging percentage in July of .795! On the other hand, Yonder Alonso is having a better than average rookie season with an overall .262 batting average. If you compare the two, my pick for overall MLB rookie of the year is Mike Trout. In my opinion he has the chance of running for A.L. MVP in his rookie season which would prove his raw talent. Not to be overlooked, ya that guy Harper from the Nationals is raking and could make a strong run for the N.L. ROY. This year is a great year for young talent and the upcoming years should be nothing less than spectacular. Thank you for reading and please comment your opinion.

Brayden West