Yes i know it is a little early to be talking about the possibilities of the trade deadline this year but who cares. The way i see it, there might be some good quality moves instead of quantity this year unlike the past. One of the main trade rumors you and I have both probably have heard is that Kevin Youkilis is on the block ready to go. As i see, he could be good trade bait for the Red Sox to get quality prospects, mostly pitching. Youk is a good deal only if a team really needs him but maybe a small team can pick him up for cheap…who knows? Another big name I’ve heard was pitcher Zack Greinke. Right now, Milwaukee needs some good bats so maybe they could trade for somebody big at the deadline. Considering that the Dodgers have new owners that might take a gamble, he might be a good fit. All in all, the 2012 trade deadline should be noticeable because of good quality so watch for some big deals.

Brayden West