“So 19 year old baseball “phenom” Bryce Harper, why do you have so much pine tar on your bat?” Simply said, “Thats a clown question bro!” Come on Ozzie Guillen, unless the umpire comments on his use of pine tar, you need to keep yourself inside the dugout where you belong. The kid has his own routine and you should respect that. Pine tar has been an issue for a long while publicity was emphasized on the George Brett incident and now this brings up the controversy once again. Pine tar is a substance used to grip the bat better and has been used in baseball for a long time. I mean if you want to criticize somebody for using pine tar, it should be bat slinger Josh Hamilton. Guillen should be laughed at for his impersonation of Harper and the league should go by the standards of the rule placed in 02′. The rule states that players should be permitted to use it on the handle of the bat up to 18 inches. The rookie knew what he was doing and he simply overcame the nonsense. I give Harper 5 stars for handling the situation and Guillen as I said just needs to sit down and shut up. Thank you for reading and please read some other stories.

Brayden West