As Tiger Wood teed off thursday morning with a threesome of greatness including Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson, he had his head in the game ready to roar. Woods was a little on edge because he was playing at the deadly Olympic course in San Francisco. I mean who doesn’t have nerves when competing at the U.S. Open. After all, it is the national championship of golf. As Tiger began he was on his A game with 2 birdies in the first 5 holes. Woods quoted, ” I felt I had control of my game all day” which signifies he will certainly be in the race this weekend. He kept his game strong and ended up under 1 which is good for the starting day while leaving his 2 pairing mates in the dust. Tiger is on his way to a great weekend at the open and should be a legit contender when it comes to sunday. As it stands, he is tied for second with leader Michael Thompson 3 strokes ahead. Furthermore, look for Tiger to keep pace and do good in round 2 tomorrow. Till next time, thank you for reading and check out some other articles.

 Brayden West