King Felix has finally fulfilled his lifelong goal as he threw the 23rd major league perfect game and 3rd of the 2012 season. Perfection is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to baseball. Not only do you have to be precise, but skill and a lot of luck is required to get the job done. Hernandez went the whole game using his paralysing curveball and his amazing fastball. This lead to Felix striking out the side twice and racking up 12 strikeouts. The Mariners, who Perfectionare definitely aren’t the best offense in the game, scored only one run but in the end that is all they needed. After the game Felix said, “It was always on my mind,every game, I need to throw a perfect game.” That in itself shows a lot about Felix’s attitude towards the game. He is always ready to perform and I think that it was finally his time to shine. For the Mariners organization, this game means so much as it  is their first perfect game. The King has finally earned his crown and I bet it feels pretty good right about now. Thank you for reading my story and please recommend it to anybody.

  Brayden West