Yesterday marked an end of an era in Seattle as the long time face of the Mariners franchise was traded to the New York Yankees. Simply known as Ichiro in Seattle, Suzuki gave 110 percent for 12 long seasons as he tried to bring his team to victory.  Ichiro showed the MLB his raw talent for the first time in 2001 in his first week as a Mariner as he gunned down Oakland’s Terrence Long at third with a laser throw from right field. Safeco’s right field will forever be known as Area 51 where Ichiro roamed and made spectacular his plays. Personally as a life long Mariner fan, it frustrated me as I first heard the news because the Mariners are still acting as a mere farm team for the Yankees giving the likes of Randy Johnson and now Ichiro away. It is very  upsetting Mariner fans as they see one of the most influential Mariners of all time leave. The worst part came Monday night as the Yankees were in town which ment that Ichiro would be walking across to the other dugout to play his first game with another team besides the Mariners against them. The scene was all but familiar as he walked up to the plate wearing his new number 31. Seattle recognized his valuable service and gave him a standing ovation in which he bowed to the crowd. As I watched one of my idols walk up as a Yankee I got chills all throughout my body and then as the fans were watching, Ichiro struck a single for his first career hit as a Yankee. The night was certainly one to remember as his trade was out of the blue. I can totally understand why the M’s would do this because of salary cap room but for only two barely known prospects is down right gut wrenching. After all the excitement, I will still follow Ichiro until the day he retires which I hope will be in a Mariner uniform. Until then, Sayonara Ichiro, you did wonders for the Mariners and thank you for your service. Thank you for reading this article and please comment with your thoughts.

 Brayden West