This season is great one to see two amazing rookies go through the season battling it out for the rookie of the year. To my understanding, both Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are amazing prospects who can produce tremendous power at the plate. Both are outfielders as well and they are not to shabby in the field. Trout who is a year older at 20, was drafted at the 25 spot to the Angels in 2009. Harper as you all should know, was the number 1 pick for the Nationals in 2010 who is known for his towering shots in high school. Both have made their full-time MLB debuts this year. When it comes to batting average, Trout has a pretty decent looking .333 compared to Harper’s .302 so Trout has an advantage in batting. That is also backed up by his slugging percentage and other batting stats. Another thing that is setting the two apart is Trout’s speed. Both prospects are pretty fast, but Trout has stolen more bags this year because of his acceleration. Now on to fielding, where Trout only has one error compared to Harper’s 3 errors. If you count that then Trout has the edge once again. When you account both of those categories, I believe that Trout has a bigger upside despite Harper being more in the spotlight and being widley know in the league. Mike Trout will be a long time pillar in the Angels organization and Harper will hopefully do the same for the Nats. But if I had to choose a prospect, Trout would be my man because I’ve seen him play and he amazes me with his all around skill. Thank you for reading this post and check out others. Have a great day!

       Brayden West