Just a short time ago, the New York Knicks reportedly declined their chance to match the Houston Rockets offer of 3 years, 25 million dollar deal for the Harvard grad. The Knicks decided to let Lin go and take their money somewhere else which shows that they believe the roster they have is good enough without him. As Lin rose to fame last season, his stock went up as teams from across the league were stunned to see a one time D-League player rise to the top news of ESPN. Houston obviously needs some upgrades as they try to court Dwight Howard among other stars. Linsanity should make some impact on the little known team if he can produce solid performences. New York might as well pursue better offers as they need to get good players to make it past the first round unlike last year. With the distraction behind them, the Knicks in my opinion should be contenders and the Rockets will have a slight chance of beating the western conference. Overall, the whole ordeal will blow over soon and the spotlight will be back to Howard which might involve the sneaky Lakers. Thank you very much for checking out this story please read some more.

Brayden West