Now i know the 2012 NBA Draft is in two and a half weeks but I thought I should voice my opinion on picks 1 -10 and who those teams should pick. As we all know the main story of the draft is projected #1 pick Anthony Davis out of Kentucky. Well why isn’t there talk about the other great prospects in the draft? That is what I am going to discuss as I go through the first 10 picks and how those teams can benefit from each valuable pick. There may be some surprises but here is my projected top 10 picks!

  1. Anthony Davis -PF- New Orleans Hornets
  2. Thomas Robinson -PF- Charlotte Bobcats
  3. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist -SF- Washington Wizards
  4. Jared Sullinger – PF- Cleveland Cavaliers
  5. Harrison Barnes -SF- Sacramento Kings
  6. Bradley Beal -SG- Portland Trail Blazers
  7. Perry Jones III -SF- Golden State Warriors
  8. Jeremy Lamb -SG-  Toronto Raptors
  9. Andre Drummond -C- Detroit Pistons
  10. Austin Rivers -PG- New Orleans Hornets

Here we go! At number 1 , I went with the crowd for once and said New Orleans would draft Anthony Davis because of his all around ability and the Hornets need for a play maker. Then at number 2, I have the Bobcats taking Thomas Robinson simply because they need some toughness on their team. Next at the number 3 spot, I have Gilchrist going to the Wizards on account of they need some average shooters. After that at number 4, the Cavs will pick big man Jared Sullinger because on their absence of an all around big man down low. At number 5, the Kings will definitely take Harrison Barnes out of North Carolina to fill in for a shooting based small forward. Number 6 belongs to the Trail Blazers will need to take Bradley Beal for scoring purposes. Next at umber 7, Perry Jones III will be taken by Golden State to get rebounds while maintaining a decent scoring average.  After number 7 is of course number 8 and with that pick the Raptors will take Jeremy Lamb to have a productive scoring point guard. Right after at number 9, the Pistons need a center and Andre Drummond is a perfect fit. Rounding out the tp 10 at position 10 is the Hornets again, taking Austin Rivers to make a big difference on their team and a good pairing with Anthony Davis. Well that is my take on the top ten picks of this years’ NBA draft so tune in on June 28 and watch the outcome. Thank you for reading and please take a look at the rest of my posts. Have a great day!

Brayden West