The Seattle Mariners happen to be my favorite team because I live near Seattle, but tonight was a very special one for me. As usual I watch the Mariner game almost every time they broadcast one. I have never watched a no hitter through the entire game until tonight so this was amazing. Kevin Millwood, who is a Mariner as of this year started, off tremendous tonight with a great looking fastball. He was dominant through 6 innings and did exactly what the Mariners need night to night. All of a sudden I see him walk off the mound with a noticeable limp. As soon as I know, I see Charlie Furbush walk on the mound which was a sketchy decision in my mind. But oh no I was wrong, he did pretty well for the time he was in keeping the no-hitter alive! My anticipation grew as Pryor , Luetge, and League did their jobs as well in their respective innings. Then came the all important 9th inning. The biggest Mariner moment of the year. The newly announced ,Tom Wilhelmsen,gets the first out by a millimeter as Dee Gordon grounds out. Then comes the second as Herrera flies out!!! It all comes down to the last out where Andre Ethier is up….all of a sudden he grounds out and that’s it!! NO HITTER! Probably the biggest Mariner moment in my life so far. The tenth combined no hitter in history belongs to my team the Mariners!