Is Manny Ramirez finally done with his tainted career for real? Yesterday, Ramirez politely asked the Athletics organization for a release following the organizations decision to not call him up from Triple A. The A’s decided to agree and let him go. In Sacramento he was sitting easy at a .302 batting average and ready for his call up. He has waited out his 50 game suspension which was supposed to be a 100 game for his second use of prohibited substances. All this set Manny back to a point where he had to set his priorities straight and get back to baseball. He was ready to be back in the majors but sadly didn’t get the chance to get back to the bigs. Personally, I think that he may be done with his long career and will call it for real in a few days. I may be wrong, but he certainly has to think it over if he doesn’t receive any offers. Overall, the Manny Ramirez saga may be over and we will find out soon. Thank you for reading my post and have a great day!

 Brayden West