Well, Jake Locker’s time to shine has finally come and when the Titans season starts, Locker will be the man calling the plays. In only his second year, the Washington grad proved to the NFL he can be the “real deal.” So far in two preseason games he has completed 11 of 24 passes and shown skills such as escaping the pocket and very good accuracy. Last year brought a surprise as he was announced a backup to an aging Matt Hasselbeck but coming in as a backup in 5 games, he threw 4 TD passes and had a QB rating of 99.4. As the preseason continues the Titans can certainly change their mind but I think that would be a huge mistake because Locker is still young and needs to get more experience under his belt. With all the rookies getting to start this year, he should fit in fine against the competition and maybe give the Titans a chance to make the playoffs. Overall, Locker is one of my favorite players and I believe that he could make a major impact in the coming years. Congratulations to jake and his upcoming challenge and I wish him luck.

 Brayden West