Late thursday night, after the Thunder lost 100- 96 to the Miami Heat in game two of the NBA Finals, star forward Kevin Durant was a little stubborn at the podium. As the press conference started, Durant seemed fine despite losing a close contested game. Yet the same question kept being asked about the questionable no call on the foul by Lebron on Durant which might have caused the Thunder to win. Nobody knows what would have happened but if the foul was called, Durant probably would sink the free throws to tie the game with 9 seconds to go. When KD drove to the lane after the quick inbound pass, Lebron tagged him not once but 3 times before and during his shot which he missed. The foul is very controversial because it is clearly shown in the replay. When asked, Durant simply said, “I missed the shot.” He was very direct with that statement and it seemed to me he was getting irritated very quickly. He kept repeating what he had said as kind of a form answer in a way. After all the media frenzy, I am pretty sure Durant was annoyed and now he has to face the Miami crowd in game 3. Until then, his head will surely be in the game and his mind in his own zone. Thank you for reading my article and please recommend it to others!

 Brayden West