As minicamps begin, Tim Tebow is a trending topic around the New York area and around the Jets organization. Where will Tebow fit in and when will he get his chance to start. Those questions are being pounded into coach Rex Ryan’s head as reporters ask and ask and ask some more. Here is the deal…they will use him when and where he is needed. Whether it is just in the red zone or only on wildcat plays where they have said he will get most of his playing time. For now he is stuck like an incoming rookie taking second string snaps and waiting for his name to be called. It is a long road for Tebow because his production last year makes the fans anxious to see what he can do in New York. Rex Ryan quoted, “there will be a time” which gives Tebow and the fans hope. Another obstacle stands in his way as the team wants him to gain some weight, approximately 10 pounds heavier than last year and he is pretty close to the teams mark. Tebow will surely make use of his time taking snaps getting to know the offense until they need him. Until then, watch for Mark Sanchez to perform well. Thank you for reading my article and please check out the others I have written.

Brayden West