Here is something I probably will not write about much in my posts…soccer. Now dont get me wrong, I love soccer and think the Euro Cup this year is going to be fantastic which is hy I’m writing about today’s main match. Defending Euro Cup champs, Spain, is stacked with big name skilled players from around the world. Their oppenent Italy is on the shorthand and were considered the underdog today in GDANSK, Poland. Personally, I had Spain winning because of pure talent and strategies they use. As the match started, I saw that Spain was moving the ball but just making very dumb decisions while passing. They simply could not pass the ball throughout the whole game. My point is not to bash Spain’s team, but just to state my opinion why they did not execute today. Moving on, the match was pretty even up until the 56 minute. Mario Balotelli was not hustling for Italy so they decided that he should be pulled for Di Natale who scored on his first touch in the 61st minute. Here comes the shocker. Less than 4 minutes later, Cesc Fabregas gets a great look and pulls the trigger bringing his team “back form the brink” of defeat. The game stayed even for the rest of time with each team getting its good looks but none of them able to touch the back of the net. At the end of the 90 minutes on the pitch, the teams draw as Italy was certainly happy to escape without a loss. My original thought was that Italy had no chance but I was wrong, as they did an amazing job controlling the deadly Spanish team.Tank you for reading my post and please check out some of my other posts.Have a great day.

Brayden West