Reports have it that Chad Ochocinco is back where it all started in his hometown of Miami, Florida. Apparently he has signed a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins only just a week after being released by the New England Patriots. This is not coming as a surprise to me as I heard that he was working out for the team earlier this week. Ochocinco has had his off the field problems and the whole name changing process which made him known as just a joke as his playing time went down, but I believe that he can have a rebirth in his career with the Dolphins. Miami defiantly needs targets for quarterback Matt Moore to hit. This acquisition can certainly make Miami a better team if Ochocinco can pull through and keep to himself. Although most think it is a stupid decision by the Dolphins, I think that it does have an upside. Definitely look for his stats this upcoming year and don’t be surprised if you see big things out of Ochocinco once again. You have to remember he is a 6 time probowler and he is going to be paired with both a great quarterback and running back in Matt Moore and Reggie Bush. Be sure to watch the Dolphins next year as they look to be on the upside of the AFC East. Thank you for reading my article and please check out more of my posts and have a great day.

 Brayden West