Well, the NBA season is finally over after a star-studded NBA Finals that the Miami Heat came out victorious. The big 3 won their first championship after last years heartbreak and Lebron finally got a ring. 2012 is definitely a year to remember in basketball as the season was in jeopardy before the bargaining agreement was passed. The shortened 63 game season was a short one leaving Lebron the MVP once again and I guess he deserves it as he takes his team all the way. Of course the rest of team is not to be  under looked. Characters like game 5 superstar Mike Miller and game 4’s Mario Chalmers both chipped in to get the W. The series was one-sided as the Heat took 4 straight after game 1 to get the title. Well, game 5 was no different then the others as the Heat used the whole team to get the job done as Mike Miller hit 7 threes and the supporting cast got their share of points as well. On the other end, the defense was spectacular as blocks and steals racked up. For the Thunder and Kevin Durant, they watched the game drift away in the 3rd quarter to an astonishing 25 points. Lebron was actually clutch for once and had a triple double to back it up! The whole team seemed to mesh this time around and the Miami Heat win their 2nd championship in game 5 by a score of 121-106. I am sad to see the Thunder lose but Lebron finally did it . Until next NBA season..the Heat are champs. Thank you for reading and have a great night.

                   Brayden West