Coming early Friday , there was a big announcement in New England. Tight end Rob Gronkowski got a major “spike”  in pay agreeing to a 6 year, $54 million extension with the Pats. He comes off a huge year with a league high and record  17 TD receptions and 1327 receiving yards. Gronk’s contact is the highest ever given to a tight end and he deserves it from his performances last year. Although coming off ankle surgery , he is perceived to be one of the top tight ends in the league once again. Not a surprise to Pats fans, but the league will certainly take notice of this huge transaction.

Personally, i think that they made a very smart deal locking him up for a decent amount of years. He has proven to be deadly when used and he could potentially be key to another  Super Bowl appearance. Furthermore, the Pats have a strong crew once again and I’m sure they will come back with vengeance this year.

Brayden West