Recently, when asked “Who do you compare scoring champion Kevin Durant to?”, Kobe Bryant said he compares Durant to himself. Kobe’s direct comments were, ” A 6’11 me” which is kind of radical but is an ok observation. Most fans look at Kevin Durant as a scoring machine but the size of a center. He can drain 35 foot 3’s but also play a low post and back you down. Durant is very hard to stop which is also an asset of Kobe. But really, think about a comparison of Kobe and Durant. Both are incredible shooters with unlimited scoring possibilities. Yet, only one thing separates them as of now. Championship rings. Now most comparisons of Lebron and Kobe or Kobe and Jordan all come down to rings. As of today Jordan has 6, Kobe has 5, and Lebron has 0. Add in KD to that mix and you have a story. If Durant keeps up his scoring and team play, he can potentially catch up to Kobe pretty quick considering this is his first trip to the finals and he is very young. He has a 4 year advantage compared to Lebron who was drafted in 2003. So the question is, can Kevin Durant “Get like Kobe?” We will have to tune in and watch closely as he goes for his first ring this year and maybe more in the near future. Thank you for reading this article and please check out my others. Have an awesome day!

Brayden West