Wow…words can not explain how people are reacting to the decision of tonight’s PPV fight between undefeated Timothy Bradley and WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao. The fight was scheduled to start after game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals because Pacquiao is a big supporter of the Boston Celtics. Little did he know that would not be the only surprise and decision not going his way on this night.Personally, I had Bradley winning because I have seen him fight before in pre-fights. The title fight started off at a quick pace with Bradley winning the first round 10-9. Then as most everyone predicted, Manny Pacquiao did what he does best and took rounds 2-9 by a score of 10-9 each time. Here comes the shocker! The next 2 rounds (10 and 11) were taken by Bradley by a score of 10 -9. Round 12 brought everyone to a standing ovation as Pacquiao seemed to solidify his greatness. Pacquiao wins round 12 by a score of 10-9 again. Ready for this folks…it is all up to the judges as the total overall score is calculated at 119-109. The judges concur and they decide that Bradley wins by an astonishing split-decision as two judges say 115-113 Bradley and the other says 115-113 Pacquiao. The fans go crazy as boos come in from every part off the arena, all of twitter, Facebook, and any other social networking site known to man. Bradley ends up winning the most controversial boxing decision maybe of all-time!

Now here comes my thoughts on this wild night not to be forgotten. I had Bradley winning on account of his style,quickness, and his record. This decision is gonna be reconsidered and fought over for decades. I saw twitter and Facebook light up with comments from celebrities, sports stars, friends, and of course ESPN.Some people said boxing ends tonight and that boxing is now like WWE. Well my opinion is probably a lot different from others. but a decision is a decision and it is what it is. To conclude on this crazy night of sports I’d like to state that an opinion is an opinion and I respect everyone’s and you should do the same.Thank you for reading and please check out my other posts.

 Brayden West