Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey is definitely having a Cy Young type of year. He is 11-1 and has thrown back to back one hitters which is a feat accomplished every 50 years or so. Dickey throws a knee shaking knuckleball and also has an arsenal of a decent fastball and a change-up. His presence on the mound this year is amazing as he puts up an average of 6 strikeouts a game. Dickey intimidates the batters because of his knuckleball and then he will fire a fastball over the heart of the plate to put you sitting back on the bench. So what makes him a Cy Young contender?  Lately, Dickey has not one but TWO one hitters and one of the lowest ERA’s in the game. If he continues, he could potentially have a 20 game season which puts him in contention for Cy Young with the likes of Clayton Kershaw. Overall, R.A. Dickey is definitely a force to be reckoned with within the rest of this year and maybe more. Just continue to watch him go for history and maybe even break down the barrier to get a no-hitter. Thank you for reading my story and check out others. Have a great night!

Brayden West