Monday night came as a surprise to most as Peyton Manning played in his first Monday Night Football game in 2 years and failed to perform. The first quarter was a complete disaster for the Broncos as Manning threw 3 interceptions and the Falcons took advantage big-time. Definitely a game to forget for Peyton and the rest of the team. I mean an overall passing rating of 31.2 is down-right abysmal. Even Manning himself said, “Just a really rough start.” which barely scratches the surface of what happen monday night. After one half it seemed like the Falcons defense had Manning’s number but a slight comeback was in store. Towards the end of the game he drove down the field on an average drive that was capped off on a 2 yard rushing TD for Willis McGahee to get the score to 27-21. But yet again, Denver fell short and the main reason was Peyton Manning as he proved to be a huge disappointment. Thank you for reading check out more!