Aside from Yoenis Cespedes, Jorge Soler has been overlooked as a major addition to any major league club. Soler did have some issues getting to be a free agent because of the Cuban government but he now ready to be signed.  Let the bidding begin! Recent rumors have said that the Dodgers, Yankees, Cubs, and Braves are in the race to get Soler. Only one obstacle is the way of him signing, it has to be done by July 2nd which is approaching very quickly. My view on the situation is that the Cubs and Dodgers have the better chances of signing him simply because they need a hitter. Soler is a very good prospect and in Cuba he held a solid batting average which is enough for teams to go off of. I cant wait to see who might get him considering what Yoenis Cespedes has shown this year. Only time will tell!

  Brayden West