Finally, the Los Angeles Kings have won their first Stanley Cup in the organizations 45 year history. Game 6 was a huge one as the series shifted back to LA where the excitement built-in downtown. The Kings had their chances in games 4 and 5 and couldn’t pull the trigger. Unlike those games, tonight was their night and they certainly deserve it. The LA kings are now at the top of the NHL and hockey “royalty”. This team needed to win to prove that they could do it eventually. Now to the game! I mean what a way to start a game scoring 3 goals in just the first period. Those goals were scored by captain Dustin Brown, Jeff Carter, and Trevor Lewis. Now in the second period, they stayed strong and Carter scored again which made the deficit 4-0. The Devils knew they were in for a long night but they did manage to score one goal in the second period so they wouldn’t get blown out. The game went on to being a complete scoring fest and ended on two easy goals by the Kings to finally clinch that hockey jewel know as “Lord Stanley’s Cup.” The quest was over as we wait to see who will win next years cup. For now, the LA Kings will celebrate and enjoy it while it lasts.

Personally, I was raised in southern california and besides the Anaheim Ducks, the Kings were my favorite team. I always wondered how they never won a cup with Gretzky but I guess they didn’t need one until now. I am very surprised that the Devils didn’t give them a run for their money until games 4 and 5 but the Kings still kept strong. Overall, the KIngs finally have a cup and I am happy for them.Thank you for reading my post and have a great day!

Brayden West