After former NBA all-star Brandon Roy decided to thrown in the towel on his injury ridden career, the league definitely missed his presence. Roy was a big part of the Trailblazers organization and carried the team on his astonishing performances.I was pretty sad to see such a great player have to leave because of his very bad knee condition and constant rehab stints. But recent news from twitter has Roy saying he is training every day and will try to make a comeback in the near future! Here are the exact words after a twitter user asked Roy a question everyone wants to know, “yes I’m preparing for a comeback. I’m training daily.” This provides a great story for an unbelievable comeback for the star out of the University of Washington. Roy was only partially into his career which leaves him young enough to make a try at coming back to the NBA. Roy is ineligible to return to the Trailblazers until 2015 but he can rejoin a different club I believe. I will report back whenever  news on this story developes. Until then, thank you for reading my article and have a great night!

Brayden West