Uh Oh! The NHL has a major problem on their hands at the moment. As of now, the players union is very far away from agreeing to a new contract which means that a lockout is soon to come. So far, the NFL and NBA have had similar circumstances in the past few years leaving the NHL fans to believe that it can happen to their sport this year. The NHL have had lockouts 3 times since 1992 , most notably in 2004-2005 season which was stopped due to a non agreement with the players union. I remember that lockout and it definitely had a major effect of every sport showing what could happen and since then it has. The deadline…12 midnight.It is definitely approaching fast and that puts a lump in the throat of the players. Also an unthinkable amount of money will be lost if a lockout were to happen. I sure hope something happens tonight but until then the season is in jeopardy. Thanks for reading!

 Brayden West