Play Of The Day!

My pick for the best play of the day….may be in coilation with ESPN

Play of The Day!


I chose this as play of the day because of the massive hitting shown by Golden Tate to protect his quarterback!

Play Of The Day: June 14th


Play of the Day!

Today’s play of the day belongs to the Spain national team for scoring 4 goals which two of them were scored by Fernando Torres to win the game versus Ireland.

Play Of The Day: June 13th


Play Of The Day!

Play Of The Day goes to Bryce Harper as he denies a celebratory beer in Canada where the drinking age is 19…his reply goes viral “Thats a clown question bro.”

Play Of The Day: June 10th


Play of the day!!!

I chose this play of the day because of Messi’s amazing skills and he can make a game change in minutes.This was his 3rd goal on the day. I do not own any rights to this video. Thank you for viewing this post and have a great day!

Brayden West

Play of The Day: June 9th


Play of the Day

I chose this as the video as play of the day because it ended up being the the go= ahead goal to keep the NJ Devils alive in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I do not in any way own the rights to this video.

June 8th: Play Of The Day


“Play Of The Day”

Lebron James Nasty Dunk in ECF game 6! I chose this as the play of day because of the amazing athletic ability of Lebron James to go up and get this ball and because it was key to the Game 6 Eastern Conference Finals . I do not own this video or any rights to it.

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