Looking Back

Looking Back: July 15th


July 15th

  • The Seattle Mariners held their first game at Safeco Field (1999)
  • George Washington Bradley pitched the first recorded no-hitter in baseball history (1876)
  • Nolan Ryan became the first pitcher in 2 decades to pitch 2 no hitters within the same season (1973)

Looking Back: June 21st


June 21st

  •  Lou Gehrig quit baseball due to illness (1939)
  • Ben Hogan recorded the lowest score (to that time) in a major golf tournament. Hogan shot a 271 for 72 holes (1942)
  • The Women’s National Basketball Association made its debut (1997)

Looking Back: June 19th


June 19th

  • The Belmont stakes was run for the first time (1867)
  • Pete Rose got his 2000th hit (1973)
  •  Gordie Howe left the NHL for the WHA with his sons (1973)

Looking Back: June 16th


June 16th

  • Ben Hogan wins the US Open for the second straight year (1951)
  • The Milwaukee Bucks trade Kareem- Abdul Jabbar to the Lakers (1975)
  • Michael Jordan scored 55 points in one game in the NBA Finals where he became the 2nd only to do it besides Jerry West (1993)

Looking Back: June 13th


June 13th

  • The New York Yankees officially retire Bath Ruth’s number 3 (1948)
  • OJ Simpson was questioned regarding his wife’s death (1994)
  • The Chicago Bulls win their 5th championship in a seven-year span (1997)

Looking Back: June 12th


June 12th

  • Ben Hogan won his 1st US Open Championship (1948)
  • The Chicago Bulls won their first of many NBA Championships (1991)
  • Interleague play started in the MLB (1997)

Looking Back: June 11th


June 11

  • Rick Rhoden became the 1st pitcher ti be starting as a designated hitter (1988)
  • Nolan Ryan became the oldest ptcher to have thrown a no hitter (1990)
  • ESPN launched their program ESPN 3D (2010)

Looking Back : June 9th


On June 9th

  • The Pittsburgh Penguins picked Mario Lemieux 1st overall in NHL draft (1984)
  • The Montreal Canadiens won their 24th Stanley Cup (1993)
  • Ken Griffey Jr.hits his 6ooth career HR (2008)

Brayden West

Looking Back: June 8th


On June 8th

  • Mickey Mantle’s jersey number was retired  (1969)
  • Boston Celtics won their 16th Championship (1986)
  • A-Rod became the youngest player to reach 400 HR (2005)
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