Early into the 2012-2013 college football season much talk is focused on who has a chance to win the Heisman this year. Contenders include Ohio State’s Braxton Miller and Stanford’s Stepfan Taylor. Much intention is focused on the Heisman because of the outcomes of past winners or even runner ups who became top draft picks. I believe the selection process is very simple in that the finalists are chosen because great performances or an amazing stat line. The way it should be run is that one player from each conference is eligible to win. Using that method seems to be more fair and equal then choosing 3 SEC players and 2 Pac 12 guys. I mean college football has had so much controversy in the past years that this change could the perception by the critics. Anyways, my ranting aside, I have an early season favorite that I would cast my vote on. This year my Heisman Trophy vote would go to Oregon’s De’Anthony Thomas because of his tremendous skill and his effort towards his team. Yes, it is a vote for a Pac 12 player, but he deserves the vote. Ending on this topic I would like to state that stat lines aren’t everything but as the season goes on Thomas’s will skyrocket even more which is why he is my main candidate.